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I am Vesna Benedetic, and I am writing on this blog.

Creativity, research, curiosity and the need to challenge myself with different artistic languages. These are the highlights of my artistic path.

I believe that only art can fly where nothing else can.

I was born on 6th August 1966, and lived in Trieste (Italy) until 2009. Now I live and work in Škrbina, a small village in the heart of Kras (Slovenia). I studied with Master Savo Sovre in Ljubljana (Slovenia),  and completed the training course in the Practical Therapeutic use of Colour in Milano (Italy). I am an eclectic and curious artist. Through painting, I explore and examine the link between Nature’s energies and the spiritual world. I have no interest for reality, rather the perception of its essence.

Through  illustration I express my playful and childlike side. I collaborate with Italian and Slovene publishers and with children magazines.

I am also interested in communication and I create the image for associations and private individuals, from the brand and logo to coordinated graphics, as well as handling promotion and contact with the media. I tailor graphics and design to valorise themes and projects dealing with social issues. I deeply believe that art networking is absolutely required. This is the first reason why we organise the International Art Festival TERANGA.

I hold seminars on drawing and colour and on book animation for children, along with courses and workshops for adults on the use and the perception of colour. I have  taken part in many national and international art shows and have had about thirthy personal art exhibitions.

we also believe that cooking is an art.

our chef El Hadji Massambaye Diop is responsable for the cooking branch.

He was born in Dakar, Senegal on 20th November 1962. He cooks until he was very young. When he lived in Reggio Emilia (Italy), he always cooked for big parties organised by the Senegalese Association. He moved in Trieste (Italy) and lived there until 2009. Now he lives in Škrbina, Slovenia. He collaborated with a lot of Associations and private restaurants and he offered esotic food all around Italy and hold some seminars on african cooking. He completed the training course at Ad Formandum (Trieste, Italy), he did the stage in one of the best restaurants in Trieste and he has obtained the European qualification. He is the official chef of the International Art Festival TERANGA.



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